Estonian films on the map

Historical footage from Estonia


    Ghost Mountaineer

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    An Estonian student hiking group get caught up in a series of scary events unfolding in wintry Siberia. The unpopular group leader Olle, becomes disappointed in his companions during the trip and disappears on the last day in the mountains. His rival, liberal-minded and adventurous Eero guides the descending hikers into a Buryate village on the mountain to seek help. A weird and insane chain of events is unleashed which seems to be orchestrated by the missing Olle. In a foreign land and among people they do not know, the hikers are faced with a task which they at first do not want to undertake and later are unable to tackle.

    That's IT!

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    It's December and Christmas time, but outside the summer sun is blazing. Something is wrong! The Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Every Estonian has to decide how they will spend their last days. Rait finally wants to confess his feelings to his lifelong love, starlet Lenna Kuurmaa. His friend Mihkel, hits his head, goes bonkers, and needs to save the world by sacrificing Lenna to the God of Sun. Brenda wants to escape her dictatorial mother but the orderlies of an insane asylum are chasing after her. Ervin wins the world's last lottery and is so upset by not having time left to spend the money so he wants to die from misery. Confusion reigns all over Estonia, but hope always dies last... And, fortunately, the end finally comes.

    Swing, Axe and the Tree of Eternal Love

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    A regular day at the car shop comes to an end when two friends Kiik and Eerik discover their boss’s dead body. After Kiik finds his girlfriend cheating him with a local playboy, he suffers a mental breakdown and runs away. Kiik becomes fixated with cutting off all memories of his old relationship that includes chopping down a tree at the other side of the country where they gave a vow for eternal love. Kiik and Eerik hit the road.


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    When children are left at Grandma's without smartphones they’re bored to tears. That is until Granny finds them loads to do. She also tells them about a magical creature named KRATT that’ll do whatever its master says. When they stumble upon an instruction on how to build one they don’t hesitate. All they have to do now is to buy a soul from the devil...

    Self Made Cameraman

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    In 1912, the first Estonian filmmaker, Johannes Pääsuke, was commissioned to capture life and people in a far corner of Estonian countryside: Setomaa. He returned with more than 1300 photos, but only 7 minutes of film footage. What happened to the rest of it? Our comedy tries to propose a version. Johannes Pääsuke and his assistant Harri Volter, a Baltic German medical student, played by prominent Estonian comedians Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi, travel by train and on horse carriage from Tartu to Petseri and Värska and end up in most surreal adventures leading them to one conclusion: a man has to do what a man has to do. A year later, in 1913, Johannes Pääsuke filmed the very first Estonian feature film: Bear Hunt in the Pärnu County.