1-Minute Films in 2024

These days, artificial intelligence - AI - is pressing in from every door, window, and even through sewer pipes. AI has now spread across the globe through text and image bots, and there is no putting it back in the jar.

1-minute films in 2024 ponder this phenomenon and explore the complexities of the topic in ways that reflect how the issue of AI=TA (AI "artificial intelligence" in English, which also means a cry of pain, and TA "tehisaru" in Estonian, which also means "she/he/they" as a personified third-person reference) resonated with the creators.

Even if, fifty years from now, we are in a completely different thought bubble, and these films appear charmingly naive in retrospect, we can say that everything turned out well - because we have the pleasure of looking back. For if we humans do not have the opportunity for this retrospective fifty years from now, then it means AI has decided to move in a direction that does not suit us.

Clearly, the solution lies with humans, not AI.